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Apple Resources, Readings, and others...



Macintouch Macintosh news site. Publishes a great deal of visitor responses to news articles listed on the site.

MacWorld Good Macintosh news source. A number of high profile Mac geeks publish here.

MacOSXhints One of the best sites to diagnose and troubleshoot Macintosh issues.

VersionTracker This site is a software repository. If you need to find a piece of software to do X, check here first.

XLR8YourMac The definitive Macintosh upgrade site. A great deal of information that you won't find anywhere else on upgrades for your Mac.

MacResQ Apple Macintosh repair parts and service.

OWC This is by far the most comprehensive Macintosh hardware accessory site I've found. Great service and support. This web site lists every Apple product and model every made along with their detailed specifications.



iPod/iPhone ResQ Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad repair parts and service.


Other Readings

Slashdot News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters.

Digg Social News website. If it's news, it probably hits here first.

Engadget Great tech blog/news site.

All Things Digital Walt Mossberg's official portal.

Ars Technica Great tech blog/news site.



MacBreak Weekly Mac-focused podcast done by Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Chris Breen and others.

MacOSKen Oftentimes humorous/witty podcast focused on Apple news. Leo Laporte's internet TV portal. Tons of great shows dealing with topics from tech, to law, to Mac, to Windows, to Google and more. Leo Laporte's live portal.